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Tooth Extractions

Although uncommon, tooth extractions may be necessary in the event of severe dental decay, injury, or extreme crowding. Our skilled dentist, will make every effort to save the tooth via root canal or another method first, but the overall oral health and comfort of the patient sometimes necessitates extraction. In the event that a tooth must be removed, Our dentist will utilize the latest techniques to make your time with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. If you experience dental anxiety or are nervous about your procedure, we offer sedation dentistry options (oral and IV) to help you feel calm and relaxed during treatment.

Is Tooth Extraction Painful?

Our skilled dentists will do everything possible to minimize any discomfort you may experience during the extraction process. While under local anesthesia, you may experience a slight pressure or tugging sensation, but the procedure should not be painful. Sedation techniques can be incorporated into your treatment to provide an even more relaxing experience.

Care After Tooth Extraction

Following the extraction, we will ask you to bite down on a gauze pad for about 30 to 45 minutes to help speed the healing process. You may want to take it easy for about a day, as remaining relaxed can lower blood pressure and reduce bleeding. Ice packs and over-the-counter pain medication can help minimize swelling and any discomfort.

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