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Children’s Dentistry

Strong and healthy teeth are very important for growing children. They help kids in getting proper nutrition and are a gateway to a beautiful smile and confident future.

As a parent, it is very important for you to have knowledge to look after your children’s dental health.

Our dentists ensure that from toddler to teenage years, your children’s teeth are well looked after and you and your kids are educated on the importance of oral hygiene, so they can have a future of beautiful smiles.

We specialize in working with families. We understand that for many adults and children alike, going to Weis generally not a favourite activity. That is why we ensure that we make every visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Children’s first dental visit can start as early as six months, as soon as they get their first baby tooth. It is good to take them along with you to our dentists at Smile Dental Clinic when you have your own check-ups, so they get used to the environment. Waiting for a problem to occur before bringing them to see a dentist may result in complex issues and extensive treatment. It is always best to be proactive, inculcate good habits and prevent problems.

At the first appointment our dentists’ aim is to guide you as parents in managing your child’s oral health. We ensure that child has a chance to familiarize with our dentist and the dental surgery set up. We give them a ride in dental chair and carry out an examination with mirror.

Demonstration on right brushing techniques is also provided in this visit. In saying that, every child is different and has different acceptance to dental treatment. Our dentists are cognizant of this fact and plan the treatment of each child accordingly.

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